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Women and logistics: the winning equation!

With more than 49% women in the company, Staci is strongly committed to the subject and is carrying out numerous actions in favour of parity, such as the elimination of pay and promotion gaps, training programmes to encourage skills development, and our participation in the Elles bougent association to encourage young women to choose technical professions.

On the occasion of the #InternationalWomensDay, which will take place tomorrow, we focus on the place of women in logistics. A sector where stereotypes still have a hard time: long hours, heavy loads to carry… the environment has long been perceived as “masculine”. However, with handling assistance in warehouses or the use of business intelligence tools to manage flows, women have their place in the logistics sector, and not only in support functions!

These actions have enabled us to obtain an overall score of 93/100 on the parity index. This excellent result encourages us to continue our efforts to achieve our goal of parity by 2025.

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