Custom logistics, benefits that become must-haves

Agility in adapting to businesses’ specific needs

Adaptive is a word that accurately sums up the work of logistics service providers. In a world of volatility, uncertainty, complexity and ambiguity, an agile supply chain is needed to adapt to the specific needs of consumers. So, the logic follows that 3PLs themselves need to be permanently capable of anticipating and effectively responding to any changes, challenges or other restrictions faced by BtoB, BtoC, DtoC and ecommerce companies to offer them faultless logistics. To do this, logistics structures need to be developed and operated on a custom basis.

Optimising logistics budgets and flows

Besides the capacity to facilitate the agility of value chains, logistics designed specifically for a given client not only optimises all associated flows, but budgets too as superfluous operations are stripped out of the supply chain. Only the appropriate, necessary services are fulfilled by the logistics specialist. Customisation is therefore a key driver for financial and organisational optimisation.

Improving customer satisfaction whilst boosting growth and productivity

Lastly, custom logistics also, and perhaps most importantly, represent a response to one of the major challenges faced by companies: improving customer satisfaction. By perfectly adapting to their clients’ needs, custom logistics providers like Staci are partners that facilitate the growth and productivity of the businesses entrusting them with their logistics.

The services offered by custom logistics providers

Inbound, QC, storage, order preparation, kitting, co-packing, cross-docking, delivery, reverse logistics and returns, and customer service – Staci offers its clients custom logistics solutions that are managed in real time.

Supply chain management

Here at Staci, we manage the inbound, supply of flow of products on behalf of our clients with their suppliers as part of an outsourced, managed supply chain management solution. The products are then transported to our logistics platforms, where we take care of their storage, preparation and shipment, according to their requirements, restrictions and challenges.

 Stock management

Secure stock management, with multiple products and multiple suppliers, adapted to each product stocked, is the flexibility required by brands and retailers. This is the promise made by logistics suppliers, ensuring an optimal supply chain for their clients. To do this, Staci offers multiple management modes (FIFO, FEFO, LIFO, UBD and BBD management, bar codes, serial numbers and QR Codes), and has 78 fulfilment centres guaranteeing customised management and storage for the goods entrusted to it.

 Retail logistics and distribution

Regardless of the process or formalities applied for stock management, the teams here at Staci prepare and pack orders according to the specifications required by clients. To ensure that the unboxing experience is as efficient as possible, particularly in the BtoC e-commerce sector, logistics providers take care of creating gift sets, inserting tissue paper, adding a bed of crimped cardboard, engraving and personalising products, inserting hand-written thank you cards, arranging products aesthetically, folding finishes or packing gift sets. This customisation for orders and the digital solutions associated with picking, key in countless sectors, are part of our major expertise.

 Logistics flow tracking

From their processing in the logistics platforms to their final delivery, orders need to be traced and tracked in real time by the logistics provider to offer their client total visibility as operations progress. The digital tools proposed by Staci ensure this total traceability of products, which is now an essential prerequisite to ensure a supply chain runs smoothly.

 Custom transport solutions

Last but by no means least in the chain is transport, which represents a major challenge that logistics providers overcome. To do this, they need to optimise this key operation by opting for BtoB, BtoC, domestic, international, single- or multi-parcel consignments, pallets, full trailer loads, and catering for any delivery eventuality. Most importantly, the chosen methods need to be those best suited to their clients’ needs. Staci organises deliveries to points of sale, businesses, private addresses, collection points, local storage platforms and marketplaces, and also integrates reverse logistics activities.

Business sectors where custom logistics come into play

Reaping the benefits of a custom logistics service is one of the challenges commonly shared by various business sectors. Every sector wants to be able to use tools, solutions and offers that have been developed specifically for their needs, but which have also been designed to anticipate and overcome any unforeseen issues, such as shortages of labour or raw materials, or significant seasonality.

The benefits of custom logistics

Customised services, innovative digital solutions, tried-and-tested methods and support adapted to the specific goals and needs of companies are just some of the major benefits of custom logistics. These various leverage points mean that service providers like Staci can offer optimal supply chain management for their clients, guaranteeing agility, flexibility, adaptability and high performance.