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NEW: the E-cats marketplace: digital transformation at work at Staci

Launched more than two years ago, our digital transformation is best illustrated by the new version of our E-Cats tool.

E-cats is a customisable digital platform that everyone can use to create their own marketplace.

How does it work? Everyone can develop their own platform to turn it into a shop, a marketplace, a tracking solution or all of the above. It can be customised to your specific needs: by brand, by subsidiary, by product type, by colour… the choices are yours!

And because E-Cats is based on a shared user platform, you also automatically benefit from all its monthly updates.

Our new E-Cats is ultra-intuitive, responsive design, UX-optimised, highly secure – it’s ISO 27001 certified – and scalable to grow with your business.

With it, you can manage your business completely autonomously:
✅ Product management
✅ Quantity and price management
✅ Management of your sales promotions
✅ User management
And, of course your logistics, with full order tracking, delivery monitoring and the full power of Staci 🚛

Need it quickly? E-Cats can be deployed in just a few weeks, adapted precisely to the level of support you require.

So, are you ready to begin? 😀

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